Three quilters and a margarita!

True story:


I was tippys (not really drunk) at our 4th of July block party.  A guy I knew for years was introducing me to his new wife, I loved her (him not so much).  Turns out she runs our local Relay for Life and she started to tell me all about the auction.  I said, hey I can make you a quilt for your auction……I know, I will make you a quilt that people can sign or give well wishes to for someone going through treatment.


This idea sounded wonderful in my margarita induced mind!  Well a few weeks later, I was telling this story to two of my quilting friends.  Dawn insisted that I just add colored blocks to two corners of a square.  Then came the debate on color, I did not want the quilt to be limited to one type of cancer aka pink for breast cancer.  Then Gil, says you can come to my house and use my hand dyed fabric.  Take what you need.

At that point I was in heaven, I had an easy pattern and hand dyed fabricHand Dyed Quilt 2.

Hand Dyed Quilt 3





Hand Dyed Quilt 1

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