Stick a fork in me: No more baby quilts

This would be baby quilt six out of six. To be honest, I ran out of ideas fabric and Mojo when it came to this quilt. Thank the quilting gods for Pinterest. I knew that if I found a block that I liked I could blow it up to a 40 ish by 40 ish quilt for a baby boy. While I was hunting blocks I found this gem.   I ran to my stash, pulled what little boy fabric I had left and started  piecing.  Less than 90 minuets later this quilt was born, in hind sight I should have taken two hours because as you can see 2 of my blocks are sideways.


However one thing I have learned is don’t sweat the petty stuff.  The person who is getting this quilt knows nothing about quilts or quilting so I think I am safe!


baby boy quilt

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