Life Lessons from one simple quilt

A few years ago, I was at my kids school sitting on a brightly colored quilt that I had made.  One of the teachers asked me about the quilt, I was so proud of it I started to tell her all about how I made it and so on….at that point she looked at the quilt then me then the quilt and she said “Back home in Missouri we would never have a quilt that colorful, all of our quilts are sensible.”

That’s when I got the notion that people from the mid-west only liked sensible quilts.  Fast forward a year of so, tornado in Joplin Mo occurred.  One of my Aunt Sue’s old friends lived in Joplin and was collecting items to help the rebuilding process.  My Aunt asked if I would make a quilt for her to put in a care package. Of course I said yes, but then I had a bit of a panic attack…what the hell was a sensible quilt.  I mean these people in Joplin had just gone through hell, I wanted to comfort them not scare them with a bright quilt.

All I could think of was brown, flowers and cream…not my scene but this was for Joplin!  I started to cut, and sew next thing I knew I had enough blocks for two quilts.  Once I started to sew the blocks together, I really became very upset and sad with my quilts.  But I carried on, and completed them.  Packaged them off, and sent them to their new homes.  I did receive the nicest thank you note I have ever received in my life.  They loved the quilts.


Once I read the thank you note, and looked at the one photo I took of these quilts.  I decided, that making these quilts made me sad.  At that moment I promised myself, I was never going to make a quilt that I did not want to make again.  Now I really did want to make quilts for Joplin, but next time I will make the quilts I want them to have, not the quilts that I think they want.  I know that sounds selfish, but as much as I love quilting, I am not going to spend my time on a quilt that I think is sad.

Here is my one and only sensible quilt:


Joplin Quilt

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