160 + half square triangles.

It all started with a trip up the coast.  My husband for my 40th birthday took me up the coast of California and we stopped at all of the quilt shops along the way.  In Morro Bay I found the Cuzco layer cake.  I was in love with the Cuzco line, but not sure about the layer cake so we left the story with out the cake.

That night after a few drinks I told my husband I wanted that layer cake and he must make sure I buy it.  The very next morning, he took me back to the shop and I was the owner of the Cuzco layer cake.




I was so happy to own this fabric, but I was at a loss on what to do with a layer cake.  Several months later, I thought hell I am just going to make half square triangles and then figure it out from there. Over 160 half square triangles I still had no idea.

cuzco half square triangles










After two weeks of looking at these blocks, I made up my mind and a quilt started to form.


cuzco half square triangles layout












I was about 80% done with sewing them together when my collie decidedrags and half square triangles she would help.









At the end of the day, it all came together kind of.

I am going to add a white boarder so it will fit on my bed.  I am sure I won’t finish quilt this week because I don’t have any backing fabric.  My hope is to make it to Ikea this week and get some of the numbers fabric.

cuzco quilt


Sisters 10 Block of the month


This was the year that I made my Sister a quilt for Christmas.  So it only made sense that I make her the Sisters 10 Block of the month quilt.  However to put a personal touch on it, I added 6 smaller blocks to represent our daughters.  My sister Jen loved her quilt!!!


Jen and her quilt