Star Bright Quilt AKA the fastest (yet awesome) baby quilt ever

Sometimes the most simple quilts are the best, last night I found the Star Bright pattern by  Katie Blakesley at  (Bike, Swim, Quilt) .  I pulled the back ground blue fabric and cut and sewed it up before I could come up with what my star should be.  Once again I was reminded how limited my stash is, however I found this fun green fabric and knew it would work.  Before I knew it I was sewing the last seem, from start to finish, including fabric selection it was less than 2.5 hours.



Happy Star Quilt A Long Week 6

Really, this should have been easier but somehow I managed to mess this last week up so much, I think I un-sewed as much as I sewed.  However on day three I managed to get these 4 blocks together.


When I went to the shop to buy my fabrics I really wanted that dark pink to be my background, however I chickened out and went with the lighter pink.  I was afraid that the person I gave the quilt to was not into bright colors the way I am.  I LOVE this block, bStar surround quilt a longut I should have gone with the dark pink background, and the light pink star.




happy star #1

Star Around Week 5

This week we started to put our star together.  That green was the brightest green I could find in the store, it kind of reminded me of a Wham video.  However, now that the block is coming together I don’t find it to be that bright anymore. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, I just find it interesting.


I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I have to make 6 baby quilts but September 15.  Yep one month!  I need to make three girls and three boys, somehow it just worked out like that.  This star around will be for one of my favorite co-workers Alen second daughter.  Alen has really bad OCD, so with this quilt no pattern nothing that can seem out of whack ( I am doing my best to make sure the points match).


star surround week 5 #1star surround week 5 #2

Star Around Quilt Along Weeks 3 & 4

This week is a catch up week for me on the Star Around Quilt Along.  First I finished Week 3, half square triangles lots of half square triangles.  Sorry for the faded picture, I took it late in the afternoon when the sun was setting into my quilting area.


happy quilt along week 2



















Then came week 4 and flying geese.  I was able to knock them out much faster that the half square triangles.  It’s really starting to look like a baby blanket for a little girl.


happy quilt along week 3 #1

E Is Getting Married!

My sister Jen (Not Jenny) has Eight kids, yep Eight….I am a slacker, I only have 4 kids.

Jen’s oldest daughter Elizabeth, who we all call E is getting married on Saturday.  E is the first kid to get married, I want to scream I’m not ready for these kids to grow up!  But I have learned, these kids refuse to stay young so I have to learn to get over it.  Well being me the first thing I did when I heard E was getting married is I have a cocktail, then I sat down with my quilting consultant Pinterest and planned her a wedding quilt.  Really, there was no competition, I knew I had to make the Swoon quilt.  Normally, I start with a pattern then I mess up the patter and come up with a different quilt.  But not this time, oh no, I created a work of art.  Really, the only reason I am not keeping this quilt for myself is I love E and it was meant for her!


















I did  learn a few things about Swoon, never use fabric with lines and smaller print fabric works the best.   .  I did simple straight line quilting, however it took me days to draw the marking lines. I must say I love how the quilting came out….did I mention I really wish I could keep this quilt




Happy Quilt Along Week 2

What a week, as I type this my Swoon Quilt is in the washer.  It came out so pretty, I can’t wait to show it off!!!!


Before I get ahead of myself, the Happy Quilt Along is officially in Week Three, however due to my Swoon obsession I am just getting to Week Two.


Happy Quilt along Week 2Happy Quilt along W2















I will start week three, and get to sewing.  So far I love this fabric and color combinations.