Happy Quilting Star Quilt Along



This year I have a thing for block of the months and quilt a longs.  They feel so simple and care free.  Last week I came across the Happy Quilting Star Quilt Along by Happy Quilting I could not resist.


I have 5 baby quilts that I have to have complete in the next two months.  To be honest, I am running out of baby quilt ideas so this quilt along could not have come at a better time.  Here are the fabrics I picked for the quilt along …..I am so excited to cut into these :)

I see a baby girl quilt in my future

It’s the Statue Of Liberty’s Arm

I wanted to submit a quilt to the local quilt show.  The theme of the show was “America”, so what is more America than the Statue of Liberty?  But you know what they say about best laid plans.  So this started out as a Tammy Bower  pixel quilt.  However the sky of the quilt, looked so bad so I cut the arm and torch out of the quilt.  I needed a background, so I added a Ricky Tims inversion quilt as the background.  My next issues was, I had no idea how to get the arm onto the inversion quilt.  So I used a Rose Hughes applique method….And that is how this quilt was born.


Statue of Liberty Quilt


It was best art quilt!

Jelly Roll Race with Red Braid

I have a son that they call Tiny, he is over 6’4 and he needed a quilt that would be big enough for a kid named Tiny.


Tiny just like very other teen age boy, loves black and white. So made this quilt with grey jelly roll, but once it was together it did not seem big enough.  So I cut the quilt about a third in, and added a red braid.

Tiny loved this quilt!

1600 Quilt with red braid

Teal Duck Quilt

Yes, I have a daughter named Teal.  One day a 15 year old Teal, says “Mom did you know that a Teal is a Duck”. The Teal Duck Quilt was born.  I kind of fell in love with the jelly roll quilt, however I kind of find it boring on it’s own. However it’s a great base.

My Teal is one tough chick, she only wears black and grey.  She is the opposite of a girly girl, so I wanted to uses a lot of gray an Teal.  I put one Mommy  duck with two baby ducks.  To show myself with my girls.


Teal loves this quilt!





Teal Duck 1600 Quilt

Mickey Baby Quilt

My Co-Work “Little One” has a obsession with Mickey, so much so that she got married at the Magic Kingdom.  So when she when she got pregnant with her first baby, I know I would make  a Mickey quilt.  However, most Mickey fabric is boring.  I knew I wanted Mickey colors, but I had no idea what I wanted to make.  So I just went for a round robin:


Mickey Quilt


The best thing about a round robin, is you really have no idea how it will come out.  I am super happy with it.