Gen X Sisters Ten Block of the Month (aka Jenny’s quilt)

All year long I have drooled over the blocks in Gen X Sisters Block of the Month, but for some reason I did not start on my quilt until October.


Gen X Quilters Sisters' Ten BOM



However, I really did not love the layout of the quilt.  So after making all of the blocks, they just sat for a month or so.

Christmas was coming and I really did want to make my sister a quilt, then it hit me just put together the sisters quilt and there you go!  But I still did not love the layout.


Between my sister an myself we have six girls, so I took the dead space and made six smaller block to represent each of our daughters.


sisters quilt 1


Sisters Quilt 3


here is my sister Jen (aka Jenny, but she hates that)


Jen and her quilt


So now the Sisters quilt, became Sisters and Nieces.