One more baby Quilt

At work I was invited to have a meeting with one of the higher ups.  This lady really she is a wonderful person and I want to be just like her when I grow up.  I received the invite on Thursday, and found out that day, the lady in question is going to be a grandma on early November.  My meeting with her was on Tuesday, that left me very little time to make a quilt.  However, after my co-worker and I consulted with Pintrest, we came up with this idea.  I finished the quilt in less than two days, and I must say I really do love it.

Sorry the photo is so bad, just before I left for work I remembered that I did not take a picture.  I threw it down on the floor, and snapped this with my phone.

Very sweet baby quilt.

Stick a fork in me: No more baby quilts

This would be baby quilt six out of six. To be honest, I ran out of ideas fabric and Mojo when it came to this quilt. Thank the quilting gods for Pinterest. I knew that if I found a block that I liked I could blow it up to a 40 ish by 40 ish quilt for a baby boy. While I was hunting blocks I found this gem.   I ran to my stash, pulled what little boy fabric I had left and started  piecing.  Less than 90 minuets later this quilt was born, in hind sight I should have taken two hours because as you can see 2 of my blocks are sideways.


However one thing I have learned is don’t sweat the petty stuff.  The person who is getting this quilt knows nothing about quilts or quilting so I think I am safe!


baby boy quilt

Hate it

Baby Quilt 3 out of 6:


I just don’t like it.  There is no reason why, it just does nothing for me.  But hell you can’t love them all.


Baby quilt

Happy Quilting Star Reveal

Well, I am a week late but I finished my little happy quilting star.  This would be baby quilt #2 out of 6 all due by October 1, 2013.


I love this quilt!   The pattern and the bright colors make me smile.


Alen's quilt




Star Bright Quilt AKA the fastest (yet awesome) baby quilt ever

Sometimes the most simple quilts are the best, last night I found the Star Bright pattern by  Katie Blakesley at  (Bike, Swim, Quilt) .  I pulled the back ground blue fabric and cut and sewed it up before I could come up with what my star should be.  Once again I was reminded how limited my stash is, however I found this fun green fabric and knew it would work.  Before I knew it I was sewing the last seem, from start to finish, including fabric selection it was less than 2.5 hours.



Happy Star Quilt A Long Week 6

Really, this should have been easier but somehow I managed to mess this last week up so much, I think I un-sewed as much as I sewed.  However on day three I managed to get these 4 blocks together.


When I went to the shop to buy my fabrics I really wanted that dark pink to be my background, however I chickened out and went with the lighter pink.  I was afraid that the person I gave the quilt to was not into bright colors the way I am.  I LOVE this block, bStar surround quilt a longut I should have gone with the dark pink background, and the light pink star.




happy star #1

Star Around Quilt Along Weeks 3 & 4

This week is a catch up week for me on the Star Around Quilt Along.  First I finished Week 3, half square triangles lots of half square triangles.  Sorry for the faded picture, I took it late in the afternoon when the sun was setting into my quilting area.


happy quilt along week 2



















Then came week 4 and flying geese.  I was able to knock them out much faster that the half square triangles.  It’s really starting to look like a baby blanket for a little girl.


happy quilt along week 3 #1

Happy Quilt Along Week 2

What a week, as I type this my Swoon Quilt is in the washer.  It came out so pretty, I can’t wait to show it off!!!!


Before I get ahead of myself, the Happy Quilt Along is officially in Week Three, however due to my Swoon obsession I am just getting to Week Two.


Happy Quilt along Week 2Happy Quilt along W2















I will start week three, and get to sewing.  So far I love this fabric and color combinations.

Happy Quilting Star Quilt Along



This year I have a thing for block of the months and quilt a longs.  They feel so simple and care free.  Last week I came across the Happy Quilting Star Quilt Along by Happy Quilting I could not resist.


I have 5 baby quilts that I have to have complete in the next two months.  To be honest, I am running out of baby quilt ideas so this quilt along could not have come at a better time.  Here are the fabrics I picked for the quilt along …..I am so excited to cut into these :)

I see a baby girl quilt in my future