Christmas Time!!!

I fell in LOVE, LOVE I tell you with a table runner featured on Sew Mama Sew,  I followed her directions, but I was not very happy with the scrappy version that I made.


Christmas Tree quilt block



However, I still loved the idea.  Instead of making is scrappy, I made solid trees.



I am so much happier with this look!

Christmas tree quilt block.


Once I got them all together it was love!  I posted the photos on Instagram, and my friends are demanding that I make them one.


Christmas Tree Table Runner

Modern Christmas Tree Table Runner


Bloggers Quilt Festival My First Entry

Amy’s Creative Side is hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  This festival happens twice a year and coincides with  Quilt Market.




Last festival, on day one I found myself up very early in the morning with a cup of coffee and my bulldog at my feet, just in awe of all the amazing quilts.  I decided that I would enter the next quilt festival.  So true to my word I am entering in the two color quilt category.


This quilt is huge, I made if for my over six foot son.  I started with the simple 1600 race, but the quilt was not big enough.  So I sliced it and added a 15 inch(ish) red braid through it.  However, it was still not big enough, so I threw on a few boarders, and now it’s big enough to cover his feet.


Voting will start November 1, 2013 and winners will be announced November 8th.


1600 Quilt with red braid

I hate to waste fabric

Several months ago I made what I thought would be a top for a throw pillow.  It was all quilted and everything…..well that all changed.


It all started when I got a new desk for the house.  I needed a coaster, however I could not just buy a coaster. No self respecting quilter would do that.  So I fell into the world of Mug Rugs.  After I finished my baby quilt hell month,  I was cleaning up my quilting area and found the pillow top.  I still had left over binding from two of the baby blankets.  I cut the pillow top in two, added the left over binding and now I am the proud owner of two mug rugs!



mug rugs

2 mug rugs

The quilt that was meant to be

Where I work they focus a lot on charity work.  I do most of my charity work through quilting on my own or through my guild.  One of my very helpful co-workers sits on the board for the Boys and Girls Club of Venice Beach.   This club has a great history with working with local teens to get them to college.


So when this very sweet co-worker asked I would make a quilt for the Boys and Girls Club to auction off, how could I say no?  The only issue is he gave me 4 weeks to complete the quilt.  Right in the middle of baby quilt hell month.  I was not sure that I was up to the challenge.

Two days after he asked me to make a quilt, I still had no idea what I wanted to make.  My friends and I went to a fabric yard sale.  Several quilters got together and sold items from there stash.  There it was, this little kit for $10…yep TEN BUCKS.  Right then and there I knew I was looking at my Boys and Girls Quilt.


I present you my first kit quilt:


boys and girls club charity quilt

Star Around Week 5

This week we started to put our star together.  That green was the brightest green I could find in the store, it kind of reminded me of a Wham video.  However, now that the block is coming together I don’t find it to be that bright anymore. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, I just find it interesting.


I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I have to make 6 baby quilts but September 15.  Yep one month!  I need to make three girls and three boys, somehow it just worked out like that.  This star around will be for one of my favorite co-workers Alen second daughter.  Alen has really bad OCD, so with this quilt no pattern nothing that can seem out of whack ( I am doing my best to make sure the points match).


star surround week 5 #1star surround week 5 #2

E Is Getting Married!

My sister Jen (Not Jenny) has Eight kids, yep Eight….I am a slacker, I only have 4 kids.

Jen’s oldest daughter Elizabeth, who we all call E is getting married on Saturday.  E is the first kid to get married, I want to scream I’m not ready for these kids to grow up!  But I have learned, these kids refuse to stay young so I have to learn to get over it.  Well being me the first thing I did when I heard E was getting married is I have a cocktail, then I sat down with my quilting consultant Pinterest and planned her a wedding quilt.  Really, there was no competition, I knew I had to make the Swoon quilt.  Normally, I start with a pattern then I mess up the patter and come up with a different quilt.  But not this time, oh no, I created a work of art.  Really, the only reason I am not keeping this quilt for myself is I love E and it was meant for her!


















I did  learn a few things about Swoon, never use fabric with lines and smaller print fabric works the best.   .  I did simple straight line quilting, however it took me days to draw the marking lines. I must say I love how the quilting came out….did I mention I really wish I could keep this quilt




It’s the Statue Of Liberty’s Arm

I wanted to submit a quilt to the local quilt show.  The theme of the show was “America”, so what is more America than the Statue of Liberty?  But you know what they say about best laid plans.  So this started out as a Tammy Bower  pixel quilt.  However the sky of the quilt, looked so bad so I cut the arm and torch out of the quilt.  I needed a background, so I added a Ricky Tims inversion quilt as the background.  My next issues was, I had no idea how to get the arm onto the inversion quilt.  So I used a Rose Hughes applique method….And that is how this quilt was born.


Statue of Liberty Quilt


It was best art quilt!

Gen X Sisters Ten Block of the Month (aka Jenny’s quilt)

All year long I have drooled over the blocks in Gen X Sisters Block of the Month, but for some reason I did not start on my quilt until October.


Gen X Quilters Sisters' Ten BOM



However, I really did not love the layout of the quilt.  So after making all of the blocks, they just sat for a month or so.

Christmas was coming and I really did want to make my sister a quilt, then it hit me just put together the sisters quilt and there you go!  But I still did not love the layout.


Between my sister an myself we have six girls, so I took the dead space and made six smaller block to represent each of our daughters.


sisters quilt 1


Sisters Quilt 3


here is my sister Jen (aka Jenny, but she hates that)


Jen and her quilt


So now the Sisters quilt, became Sisters and Nieces.