Reverse Applique

I took a class with Nancy Lee Chong  on reverse applique.  This was my first step into hand quilting and I must say I am hooked.  I LOVE this technique and already started a second larger quilt.  Truth be told I don’t love this pattern, but I am ok with that because it taught me everything I need to know about reverse applique.


#nancyleechong class project.

Modern Baby Swoon Quilt

One of my favorite people at work is having a baby boy!  Her theme for the babies room is grey, orange and white.  I wanted to to something simple, to let the colors show through AND I am still in love with the Swoon block. I love how it looks like the swoon block is floating.


baby modern swoon quilt


baby swoon quilt


baby swoon quilt


Roads to Oklahoma Quilt

Normally, I stay away from Americana looking quilts, or quilts that lack any color.  But I have a dear friend  Sara  who is due to have a baby this July. She found out that her husband was set to be deployed in August.  Sara has been hounding me for a quilt for a couple of years, so I caved.  I found the Road to Oklahoma block, and had to make it with Americana colors….to be honest I did ask someone for help picking the fabric out…


So after I was almost done piecing this quilt, we found out that Sara’s husbands orders have been placed on hold…so this went from a deployment quilt to a housewarming quilt :)

roads to Oklahoma

Roads to Oklahoma

Sweet Heart Wall Hanging

Once in a while, I will be surfing blogs or Pintrest and find a quilt that I have to make.  That happen to me last Thursday.  I was at Seaside-Stitches and saw the simple and sweet Be Mine Wall Hanging.   I had the perfect charm pack that I had been holding on to, and here we are three days later and it’s up on my wall.


I am so happy with it:

heart wall having



heart wall hanging 2Simple heart wall hanging

160 + half square triangles.

It all started with a trip up the coast.  My husband for my 40th birthday took me up the coast of California and we stopped at all of the quilt shops along the way.  In Morro Bay I found the Cuzco layer cake.  I was in love with the Cuzco line, but not sure about the layer cake so we left the story with out the cake.

That night after a few drinks I told my husband I wanted that layer cake and he must make sure I buy it.  The very next morning, he took me back to the shop and I was the owner of the Cuzco layer cake.




I was so happy to own this fabric, but I was at a loss on what to do with a layer cake.  Several months later, I thought hell I am just going to make half square triangles and then figure it out from there. Over 160 half square triangles I still had no idea.

cuzco half square triangles










After two weeks of looking at these blocks, I made up my mind and a quilt started to form.


cuzco half square triangles layout












I was about 80% done with sewing them together when my collie decidedrags and half square triangles she would help.









At the end of the day, it all came together kind of.

I am going to add a white boarder so it will fit on my bed.  I am sure I won’t finish quilt this week because I don’t have any backing fabric.  My hope is to make it to Ikea this week and get some of the numbers fabric.

cuzco quilt


Sisters 10 Block of the month


This was the year that I made my Sister a quilt for Christmas.  So it only made sense that I make her the Sisters 10 Block of the month quilt.  However to put a personal touch on it, I added 6 smaller blocks to represent our daughters.  My sister Jen loved her quilt!!!


Jen and her quilt



Southwestern Table Runner

My dad and step-mom have left the beach and moved to Arizona, and they are very happy with their new town.  So out with the beach themed stuff and in with the new south-western decor.  For Christmas I made my step-mom what I think a south-western table runner would look like.


sandys table runner



I kind of think the fabric is a bit southwestern and a bit beachy at they same time,  if that’s possible.


sandy table runner

Life Lessons from one simple quilt

A few years ago, I was at my kids school sitting on a brightly colored quilt that I had made.  One of the teachers asked me about the quilt, I was so proud of it I started to tell her all about how I made it and so on….at that point she looked at the quilt then me then the quilt and she said “Back home in Missouri we would never have a quilt that colorful, all of our quilts are sensible.”

That’s when I got the notion that people from the mid-west only liked sensible quilts.  Fast forward a year of so, tornado in Joplin Mo occurred.  One of my Aunt Sue’s old friends lived in Joplin and was collecting items to help the rebuilding process.  My Aunt asked if I would make a quilt for her to put in a care package. Of course I said yes, but then I had a bit of a panic attack…what the hell was a sensible quilt.  I mean these people in Joplin had just gone through hell, I wanted to comfort them not scare them with a bright quilt.

All I could think of was brown, flowers and cream…not my scene but this was for Joplin!  I started to cut, and sew next thing I knew I had enough blocks for two quilts.  Once I started to sew the blocks together, I really became very upset and sad with my quilts.  But I carried on, and completed them.  Packaged them off, and sent them to their new homes.  I did receive the nicest thank you note I have ever received in my life.  They loved the quilts.


Once I read the thank you note, and looked at the one photo I took of these quilts.  I decided, that making these quilts made me sad.  At that moment I promised myself, I was never going to make a quilt that I did not want to make again.  Now I really did want to make quilts for Joplin, but next time I will make the quilts I want them to have, not the quilts that I think they want.  I know that sounds selfish, but as much as I love quilting, I am not going to spend my time on a quilt that I think is sad.

Here is my one and only sensible quilt:


Joplin Quilt

Three quilters and a margarita!

True story:


I was tippys (not really drunk) at our 4th of July block party.  A guy I knew for years was introducing me to his new wife, I loved her (him not so much).  Turns out she runs our local Relay for Life and she started to tell me all about the auction.  I said, hey I can make you a quilt for your auction……I know, I will make you a quilt that people can sign or give well wishes to for someone going through treatment.


This idea sounded wonderful in my margarita induced mind!  Well a few weeks later, I was telling this story to two of my quilting friends.  Dawn insisted that I just add colored blocks to two corners of a square.  Then came the debate on color, I did not want the quilt to be limited to one type of cancer aka pink for breast cancer.  Then Gil, says you can come to my house and use my hand dyed fabric.  Take what you need.

At that point I was in heaven, I had an easy pattern and hand dyed fabricHand Dyed Quilt 2.

Hand Dyed Quilt 3





Hand Dyed Quilt 1